Код товара: S60-18
Гарантия: 36 месяцев
Наличие: в наличии
16 500 EUR
Оплата в леях, по курсу BNM
От 16 500 EUR /месяц

Tractor Solis N60 (60 HP, 4x4) for Orchards and Vineyards

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General details
Applying: Processing fields
Cabin Yes, with HVAC & Heater
Manufacturer: ITL / Sonalika
Engine Type: Diesel
HP Category (HP): 60
Engine power range: 50 - 75 (HP)
Towing Capacity (Tonnes): Up to 8*
Cubic Capacity (cc): 3707
No. of Cylinders: 4
Rated RPM (+/-25mm): 2200
Max Torque (Nm) @ RPM: 230 @ 1200
Aspiration: No
Injection Pump: Bosch
Air Cleaner: Dry Air Cleaner with Clogging sensor
Cold Start: Yes
Manufacturer: Antonio Carraro
Type: Mechanical
Drive: 4 WD
Clutch: Double
Gearbox transmission (F/R): 12 + 12
Transmission: Synchromesh
Differential Lock: Mechanical, Foot Operated
Front axle: Antonio Carraro
Rear axle: Antonio Carraro
Front suspension: Independent
Brake system
Brakes: Oil-immersed disc brakes
Type of Actuation: Mechanical
Parking Brake: Independent Type
Power take-off (PTO)
PTO speed (RPM): 540 / 540E
Actuation: Mechanical
Electrical System
Trailer Socket: 7-pin
Battery: 12 V / 100 Ah (50-110 HP)
Alternator: 12V, 100 A
3 Point Linkage: CAT-II
Stay Bars: Standard
Hydraulic Lifting Capacity (Kg): 2500
Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit: 2DA / 2SA
Lift Rods: Yes
Safety Switches
Clutch Safety Switch: Yes
PTO Safety Switch: Yes
Neutral Safety Switch: Yes
Capacity (+/-5%)
Fuel Tank (Lt): 71
Dimensions & Mass
Wheelbase: 2218
Overall length: 4200
Overall width: 2400
Height: 2810
Ground clearance: 415
Adjusting track width: Yes, Rearranging wheels
Track width in front: 1110
Track width in the back: 1120
Mass: 2940
Weights with Std. Ballast
Front, removable (kg): 186 (6x31)
Rear wheels (kg): 68 (2x 34)
Operator Safety
Seat belt: Yes
FOPS: Optional
Hour meter: Yes
Adjustable Seat: Yes
Adjustable steering wheel: Yes
Audio system: Kenwood
Trailer Hitch: Yes
State subsidies (Compensation)
For agricultural equipment: 25% of the cost

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