Customers of the «Agrimatco Service» company can buy Solis tractors on credit. Now, for this service our customers increasingly choose Microinvest.

Microinvest grants credits for Solis agricultural equipment to:
- Individuals;
- Companies.

General conditions
- Credit amount: from 50 000 to 4 000 000 MDL;
- Term of the credit: from 3 to 60 months (5 years);
- First rate: 0 MDL;
- Decision on granting the credit: 24 hours.

The annual rate (%) is negotiated individually with each customer.
The credit can be granted without a pledge or with the pledge of the purchased equipment (depending on the amount of the credit).
* More details can be provided by credit experts from Microinvest.

Required documents

To get a credit from Microinvest, you need only a few documents:
- ID card;
- Company documents (Extract, Certificate of registration, etc.)
- If applicable: the documents for pledge or surety.

Credit payment 

Microinvest offers a flexible credit repayment schedule. The customer alone chooses: when and how much to pay. Together with a credit expert, you can draw up an individual schedule, taking into account the specificity or seasonality of your business. Pay, when you are comfortable, even only 3-4 months throughout the year!


The farmer grows cereals (wheat, corn) or rapeseed.
Usually, these crops are harvested from July to September.
During the same period, the farmers handed over the fruit for processing and received for it the first payments. Sometimes, the money for fruits is paid in rates and a complete payment between the buyer of raw materials and the farmers takes place during the winter. Thus, it is more convenient for farmers to make major purchases or to pay off credits at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

Suppose the farmer chose the Solis tractor with the 50 horsepower engine, which costs about 330 000 MDL.
In October he receives from Microinvest the necessary amount in the credit, without paying the first rate and very possible - without pledge.
Over a month (in December), the farmer pays the first rate - about 39 900 MDL.
This is the only rate paid in the first year.
In the second year, the farmer will pay 4 rates with the amounts between 40 000 MDL and 43 000 MDL.
In the third year the farmer will also pay 4 rates in the amount of about 39 900 MDL.
And during the fourth year - only 2 rates and pay the credit completely.

The table below shows the credit repayment schedule described.

First rate

If the customer has some of the money needed, he can pay the first rate for the purchased equipment. In this case, the monthly rates for the Microinvest credit will be lower than in the presented table.

Possible variants

The farmer can choose any other credit payment schedule that is convenient for him.
For example: 6 months a year or the classic version - every month. It all depends on the specifics of the business and the specific situation they are in, and Microinvest will choose for each one an optimal solution, because all the customers must grow and develop.

Phone Microinvest 022 801 701
Website: Microinvest.MD

State subsidies

The subsidy is the support granted in the form of compensation by the State.
This is calculated at 25% of the cost of each technical unit.
Limit - no more than 300 thousand MDL for each beneficiary, which means that a farmer can buy different agricultural equipment in value of up to 1,200,000 MDL, and in the form of compensation, will receive from the State the amount of 300 thousand MDL.

If the agricultural equipment is obtained by credit through Microinvest, the credit experts will help you in preparing the package of documents for receiving the subsidies. In this case, the subsidies received will be taken into consideration when repaying the credit.

Customers who have purchased agricultural equipment through Microinvest may receive subsidies for both the annual credit interest rate (%) and the agricultural equipment purchased.

Types of subsidies

1) The subsidy for agricultural equipment - single compensation (only once) that you receive over 4-5 months after submitting the documents to AIPA. The subsidy is granted for the procurement of agricultural equipment with the year of production not less than two years preceding the one of the subsidy, purchased, and starting with November 1 of the previous year.

2) Interest subsidy (% of credit) - compensation granted once a year, throughout the entire term of the credit.


The subsidies for the 50 horsepower Solis tractor (330 000 MDL) will be as of: 82 500 MDL for the purchase of the equipment and 42,000 MDL - for the interest rate. During the whole period, you will receive a total of 124 500 MDL as compensation.
* More details can be provided by credit experts from Microinvest.

Phone Microinvest: 022 801 701
Website: Microinvest.MD

Hotline AIPA: 022 213 333